The Echoes of the Kingdoms
Copyright © 2011- Mark A. Foster, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

  1. COSMIC UNITY: The Collective Center of all beings and things is Cosmic Unity.

  2. EMANCIPATION: The levels of emancipation are below.
    1. COSMIC EDUCATION: Extraordinary individuals express the Cosmic Unity in conversations with humans.
      1. Cosmic Envelope: These extraordinary individuals live in a cosmic envelope (unity)
      2. Cosmic Relative Reality: Each of the extraordinary individuals is unique.
    2. SERVICE: Personal and social emancipation is a result of serving others.
    3. UNDERSTANDING: Cosmic knowledge comes from the extraordinary individuals.
    4. MATURITY: Altruism is the path to maturity.
    5. END OBJECTIVE: The result of human life is emancipation.
    6. Human Experience
    7. DREAMS: The dream state can be a tool for self-discovery.
    8. VIRTUES: Through extraordinary individuals, each of us can become virtuous.

  3. HUMANITY: Human beings contain rational (such as thinking and free will), sensory, growing, and cohesive characteristics.
    1. COPRESENCE: Groups unite around extraordinary individuals.
    2. DEMIREALITY: The negation or contradiction of copresence, which divides people from one another, is dualism or demireality.
    3. RELATIVE REALITY: Human bodies include the characteristics of animals, vegetables, and minerals.

  4. SENSATION: Each animal contains sensory, growing, and cohesive characteristics. They are the animal’s bodily functions (shared by human beings).

  5. GROWTH: Each vegetable contains growing and cohesive characteristics.

  6. ELEMENTAL COHESION: Each mineral contains cohesive characteristics.